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Written by George on January 28th, 2014 with comments disabled.
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Orange Julius Light Smoothies

Yesterday we all had our changes to try the new Light Smoothies at Orange Julius.

And I did try them I actually tried two and let me share with you what I thought of them.

First of all OK they call them Light but they still have 250 Calories so if you use them to loose wait maybe they are still not your best choice. And then it is sweetened with Splenda and I don’t know how healthy those artificial sweetners are.

You also may wonder what is really in this smoothy? I noticed they used some juice, ice, water and a bag of magical powder. So I would think if you are really in to the healthy part and want the light because you want to watch your callory intake maybe it is just better to stay away from even the light smoothies.

If like me you just like the flavor of it then I would say go for it and enjoy. Let me tell you how they tasted.

First I got the Tropical Sunlight it looked nice an yellow and tasted a lot like pineapple and to me that is great because i like pineapple a lot. For me this smoothies was to sweet and specially on a hot day when you want to cool down this would be to sweet for me and would left me with a giant thirst after. For me you could ad more water or ice to make it better. But it is personal so don’t hold me accountable for it :)

Then I went for the Berry-Pom Twilight this one seemed thicker in consitancy then the first one but maybe it was just the way they prepared it. The flavors of this smoothie is good with tastes of lots of berries and it is not so sweet and that made me enjoy this one much better then the first one and this would be my pick next time.

Besides the two flavors I tried they also have Strawberry delight that i didn’t try yet but this one could be great as well.

If you like Smoothies then I would say go give them a try. And if you are interested then go have a look at THIS COUPON to get 1 dollar off.

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Written by George on June 20th, 2009 with comments disabled.
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A&W Calgary Airport

We all have the crave sometimes for a quick bite to eat. So did I today when I droped someone of at the Calgary Airport. The food court at the airport has a wide variety of food places but for me my eye felt on A&W.

It was not very busy in the food court but there where 3 security people in line at A&W and after that it was my turn to get my mozza burger.

The burger came quickly and the friendly staff helped me getting my food.

I was pretty happy with the food quality but sitting in the food court at the airport is kind of a boring thing. It is never busy there and there are lots and lots of tables. I almost think that this is the part of the airport where you see the least people.

But if you ever in need of a quick burger at the Calgary Airport then maybe go give the A&W a go.

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Written by George on June 16th, 2009 with comments disabled.
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The diving bell and the butterfly


I saw this movie first, and then read the book. I found both equally good.

It is a memoir by Jean-Do Bauby, the editor-in chief of Elle magazine who suffers a cerebralvascular accident (stroke) which leaves him completely paralyzed, with the exception of his left eye and some movement of his head. He uses his left eye to blink correct alphabets taught to him by his speech therapist, and manages to “write” this book and live his daily life with the help of  those at the instutution where he is kept, and his friends and family. Its a touching story, and yet an inspiring one of a man whom despite his physically “locked-in” syndrome will not allow his spirit to be trapped as well. While his body is trapped in this diving bell, his mind, humor, wit and imagination soar like that of a butterfly and go where ever it pleases.

It is a reminder to all of us whom suffer from the everyday ‘locked-in” syndrom of our minds, where we allow ourselves to become trapped in a diving bell when instead we can flit around anywhere we please like a butterfly.  A good read, and a good movie to watch.

Written by Smriti on April 3rd, 2009 with comments disabled.
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Camilla- Boiron for baby teething pain


Camilla is a homeopathic tincture for babies with teething pain. This particular packing from Boiron includes 30 plastic vials with a screw top with a 1ml dose in each. I have used this on my daughter for a month, she has been teethign on and off, it has really worked. She has been calmer, and sleeps mre peacefully at night. I recommend it highly as opposed to tylenol or baby Advil.

Written by Smriti on April 3rd, 2009 with comments disabled.
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Happy Nappy Diaper service- Calgary AB


I wanted to try cloth diapers for my baby, and decided to look into a diaper service in Calgary. Happy Nappy ( was the only one I could find, and so I decided to give them a call. After playing phone tag for about a week, I was able to talk to Doris, whom sent me an intake and payment form in the mail to start this service. I asked about getting  a trial service for a week, and was told that I would have to give 2 weeks notice so no matter what I would be paying for 2 weeks.

Ok, so ther service started, a big bag of  diapers was delivered to my home and my intake form with direct debit info and credit card info was gathered by the company. Upon opening the bag an overpowering smell of Chlorine accompanied the diapers, I was told specifically that this company doesn’t use chlorine to wash daipers. Well, I used a few on my child and realized that the chlorine smell just got worse, so I called the company and informed them that due to the chlorine smell I was going to discontinue the service. As agreed, I paid for the extra two weeks and instucted the driver not to drop off any more diapers to save on water and waste run-off.

About a week later, I was charged on my credit card for two additional weeks of diapers by Happy Nappy, I called the company and this time spoke to a lady named Stacey. She informed me that the the city of Calgary will periodically pump extra chlorine into the city water, and this made the diapers smell like chlorine, as Happy Nappy doesnt use bleach or chlorine based products to sanitize their diapers. Stacey asked if I would like a free week to try out the diapers and if all worked fine I could re-start the service and if not then i would return the free diapers and discintinue the service.

The fresh bag of diapers didnt smell of chlorine, so i used some on my daughter, however she developed diaper rash, and I decided to discontinue the service. I left the bag of diapers for the rdriver to pick up, with a thankyou note for the free week, and instructions  to not drop off anymore diapers and to discontinue my service. The next week I recieved an invoice for 4 weeks. After e-mailing Stacey, the misunderstanding was cleared up, and my bill was cleared, and service discontinued.

Its a shame that this service didnt work out for me, I have heard from other mom’s for whom this works very well. I hate to use dioxin containing store bought diapers on my baby, and at the same time contribute to the already full landfills, but it seems that at this point I have no other choice.

Written by Smriti on April 3rd, 2009 with 2 comments.
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For one of my other projects I ran in to the site and this is my experince with them:

BudgetGadgets is a website that sells all kind of stuff but mainly tech stuff and it is cheap. You can find here anything from batteries to iPod cases and all for super low prices.

When you visit the website you notice that is just a web store you can see some featured products right there.

And of course you can browse there big catalog of gadgets when you select an item you get an overview of the product with pictures and a price chart that tells you the one piece price and the multiple prices. The nice thing about is that they offer free worldwide shipping and that of course makes a big difference.

Another nice thing they do it they test everything before they ship it to you so normally it should work.

One downside I personally ran into is that the product descriptions are not always that clear.

But they have a great service and when I got a product that was not made for my device (didn’t understand the description) they where very quick to offer me a solution.

Till now I got a couple of shipments from them and it all works great. No problems with the products and with free shipping it is much much cheaper then getting the items in store.

And let me make myself clear this review is based on personal experience not on anything else but still I found a coupon code I would not want you to miss out on. If you use GM5OFF2 as coupon code you will get 5% discount to.

Conclusion: may not be the clearest site based on discriptions but there products and service make up for it all. And of course the low price and free shipping help to.

Go check out and see for yourself.

Written by George on March 18th, 2009 with comments disabled.
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He’s just not that into you

With “He’s just not that into you” is a great romantic Comedy. The first I have seen in 2009 and if the others will be better then there will be a lot of great movies coming out this year.

He’s Just not that into you is all about how woman think about signals they get at there dates. If he says he is gone call you does that means he will be calling or is that just his way of saying thanks but no thanks.

The cast of this movie is great with lots of big names like: Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Scarlett Johansson and Ben Affleck just to name a few.

He’s just not that into you offers alot of story lines that sometimes gets a little bit much but it will be fun to keep following them. There is a enough of laugh out loud moments and i would say go see this movie just for some great laughs.

And guys don’t worry this movie will be even worth seeing to you guys there is enough in there to keep you interested to.

Written by George on February 7th, 2009 with comments disabled.
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Salt & Pepper Restaurante Mexicano est. 1988, Cochrane

We were in Cochrane this past weekend and decided to brave the snow and stay for lunch.

After looking into a noisy neighbourhood bar and grill (we had a 4 month baby with us), we decided to go across the street to Salt & Pepper instead.

Since it was a snowy day, parking right in front was not a problem, however I am sure in the summer, there may be some issues of where to park.

The restaurant itself was empty, we were the only customers, but mind you it was a sunday afternoon in the middle of the holidays. We were greeted by a very friendly waiter with a lovely hispanic accent. We were promptly seated and given menu’s. The menu looked good, and we ordered some appetizers and coffee.

The ambience was very nice, it was an older house that was converted into a restaurant. The temperature was perfect and there was ample room for us three adults and an infant. Infact, at one point I breast fed my child, and that was quite convenient in terms of space and privacy as well.

The food was quick to arrive, and very very delicious. The coffee was fresh, and even had a hint of cinnamon (which when asked the wiated explained, that they brew a stick of cinnamon in their coffee pot). We ordered dessert with 3 spoons, very delicious. The price was very reasonable, and extremely affordable, especially given the good quality of food and excellent service.

I am glad to know that there are two of these restaurants in Calgary, I look forward to visiting them on my next dinner outing. In the meantime, if you are in Cochrane, I recommend you go visit Salt and Pepper on 114 3rd Ave W.

Written by Smriti on December 31st, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Huggies Baby dry diapers 1-2


I recently recieved a box of Huggies diapers as a gift for my new baby. It is a 228 diaper box of size 1-2.

It clearly stated on the box that these diapers should fit a child upto 15 lb. My baby is 12lb, and on the smaller side.

I have only used 4-5 diapers from this huge box, and each time have found the diapers to be too small, they are difficult to put on my baby, too snug on her and feel small. The worse part is, they leak. Everytime she poops, it comes out the top at the back of the diaper, soiling all her clothes and bedding. I used a diaper from a differnt brand, and a no-name brand, made for babies upto 15 or 17lb, and these diapers both held her poop in.

I am wondering if Huggies is aware of the confusing message they are giving new moms. In any case, my recommendation is that if you are buying huggies diapers, buy larger sizes than printed on the box.

Written by Smriti on December 30th, 2008 with 2 comments.
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