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Magic Jack free phone service

Who doesn’t like the idea of free phonecalls right any body does so when I found out about the MagicJack I was more then just interested.

Let me explain for less the 40 dollars you buy the start kit that gives you a year long free calls in the USA and Canada after a year it will cost you less then 20 dollars to renew for another year. The starting kit contains a USB box with a place to hook up a normal telephone. When you now put the MagicJack in your USB port of a PC or Mac then the MagicJack will start a program and you are ready to start calling like you normally do.

Yes it is easy and they even give you a free phone nr so that people can call you on the MagicJack to. I my case this prevented me from getting a home phone line and for the last 4 months I am using MagicJack and it works fine for me.

But I use it a bit different to next to normal calls I also use it to make and electronic ordering system make calls to our computer system and that doesn’t allways work but after a couple of retries i normally get it working. And by the way MagicJack states on there website that fax and modem traffic will not work so I didn’t expect it to work.

In those 4 months of using MagicJack only 1 mayor problem came up and that was that a phone nr that I use on a daily basis didn’t work any more. So then you need to try to contact MagicJack they don’t have a phone support what is a bit strange for a phone company. But they offer websupport chats.

The Chat person was very well informed about how things work and pinpointed my problem and was able to get it fixed over night. OK this kind of support is not ideal but I guess that is where they save on money and if the help the offer is good then why complain about it.

Then there is international calling. You can buy international calling credit and with that you can call to other countries then Canada or the USA. I use it to call Europe and then ends up to be 2 cents a minute. In the beginning calling international worked great. But then they changed there longdistance provider and now the call quality is bad sometimes and that means that recalling needs to be done on a regular basis.

So what did it think of MagicJack so far.

I like MagicJack a lot it is cheap and it works for my phone needs the biggest disadvantage is that you need to turn you computer on to make a phonecall.

The Tech support is good to although phone support would be nicer.

For now MagicJack is the way to go for me it works easier then skype or other voip systems because you can just use a normal phone to call your friends.

Way to go MagicJack

Written by George on September 30th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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