For one of my other projects I ran in to the site www.BudgetGadgets.com and this is my experince with them:

BudgetGadgets is a website that sells all kind of stuff but mainly tech stuff and it is cheap. You can find here anything from batteries to iPod cases and all for super low prices.

When you visit the website you notice that is just a web store you can see some featured products right there.

And of course you can browse there big catalog of gadgets when you select an item you get an overview of the product with pictures and a price chart that tells you the one piece price and the multiple prices. The nice thing about Budgetgadgets.com is that they offer free worldwide shipping and that of course makes a big difference.

Another nice thing they do it they test everything before they ship it to you so normally it should work.

One downside I personally ran into is that the product descriptions are not always that clear.

But they have a great service and when I got a product that was not made for my device (didn’t understand the description) they where very quick to offer me a solution.

Till now I got a couple of shipments from them and it all works great. No problems with the products and with free shipping it is much much cheaper then getting the items in store.

And let me make myself clear this review is based on personal experience not on anything else but still I found a coupon code I would not want you to miss out on. If you use GM5OFF2 as coupon code you will get 5% discount to.


Budgetgadgets.com may not be the clearest site based on discriptions but there products and service make up for it all. And of course the low price and free shipping help to.

Go check out www.budgetgadgets.com and see for yourself.

Written by George on March 18th, 2009 with comments disabled.
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