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Huggies Baby dry diapers 1-2


I recently recieved a box of Huggies diapers as a gift for my new baby. It is a 228 diaper box of size 1-2.

It clearly stated on the box that these diapers should fit a child upto 15 lb. My baby is 12lb, and on the smaller side.

I have only used 4-5 diapers from this huge box, and each time have found the diapers to be too small, they are difficult to put on my baby, too snug on her and feel small. The worse part is, they leak. Everytime she poops, it comes out the top at the back of the diaper, soiling all her clothes and bedding. I used a diaper from a differnt brand, and a no-name brand, made for babies upto 15 or 17lb, and these diapers both held her poop in.

I am wondering if Huggies is aware of the confusing message they are giving new moms. In any case, my recommendation is that if you are buying huggies diapers, buy larger sizes than printed on the box.

Written by Smriti on December 30th, 2008 with 2 comments.
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Roomba 4210

We bought this robot vacuum cleaner about 2 years ago. There are many features about it that I instantly liked. Firstly, it comes with a docking station, so once the battery starts to get low while the robot is cleaning, it finds its docking station and goes back for a re-charge. One battery charge usually meant the robot would run about 1.5 hours before needing a re-charge, so I could clean the entire upstairs, or downstairs in one go. Cleaning this bagless wonder is easy, pull out the filter slide and dust it away. Although some amount of dust accumulates in the tiny cracks which would have to be sucked out by a bigger more powerful vacuum (hmmm..).

Then the problems started, the battery started to get de-charged after about 10 minutes of cleaning. I learnt later that keeping this Roomba docked, and charging all the time keeps the battery draining, and eventually the battery dies. Why make a model which is designed to be stored so that the battery continues to drain. Needless to say, I had to buy a new battery (not cheap, abo 89$ US). This new battery, bought online from, charges ok, but takes about 10 hours to fully charge, and then only runs for a cleaning of about 30 min. Now I know machines wear and tear and eventually lose performance, but I must say I am very disappointed with this loss in function. I think in the future I will stick with conventional vacuum cleaners and leave these futuristic gadgets until they make them better.

I wouldn’t recommend you buy one of these, unless you get is super cheap.

Written by Smriti on December 24th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Sculpey, Keepsake Clay and Frame set

I wanted to use a non-toxic, oven bake, no mess product to make clay molds of my baby’s hands and feet. This product, which I purchased at Michael’s proved to be everything I wanted and more.
It came with just the right amount of clay, a rolling pin, a tool to etch and scratch the clay, a nice looking metal frame, clear plastic (with a scratch proof, peel-off cover) to put over the picture frame, a photo mat, and extremely easy to follow instructions.

The clay molded quite well, and I got good imprints of my baby’s hands and feet. I was especially impressed by how parts of the packaging coudl be used to build the frame. i am always very annoyed at wasteful packaging provided my companies. Sculpey, sure thought of the environment when they made this product.

The imprints baked well, and i was able to paint in one etched section after the baking. All in all, I will have this product for a long time, and it has proved to be a true keepsake.
I highly recommend this to all new mom’s and pet owners.

Written by Smriti on December 24th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Wanted Bamboo underwear

People like me like Bamboo products they are nice and soft and better to the enviroment to.

So when I found out that there where Bamboo boxersshorts on sale in Calgary I got myself a couple of pairs.

The undewear is from the brand Wanted and they come in different colors. The are soft like you expect and the first impression is that they look great.

Quality of the shorts is pretty good but there is one mayor flaw with them and i have the same problem with all of the once i bought in all colors. The elastic twists and turns and that make the underwear after a couple of washes really uncomfortable to wear.

My advice don not go for the Bamboo underwear from Wanted look for a better brand.

Written by George on December 22nd, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Medela breast pump

I recently had a baby and needed to use a breast pump to collect milk for my newborn child. I wanted to use a product that was BPA free, and found that Medela is the only company on the market that gaurantees that every plastic part of their breast pump that comes in contact with milk is BPA free. Since this was the product the hospitals used as well, I decided to investigate. The Medela breast pump comes in various prices, sizes and capacities. The one the hospital gives to use, and recommends is a 2000$ electronic pump, the Medela Symphony. This can be rented at any drugstore in Calgary for 3-5$/day, or 75-100$/month, depending on where you go. Super drug mart is the cheapest and Kendall pharmacy and Shoppers drug Mart the most expensive. Once you rent this pump, you also need to buy tubing, the membrane, and breast mold, costing about 50$. If you use this pump in the hospital, perhaps you can take the parts you used from there.

The other options are these- Some people prefer to buy an electronic lower grade Medela pump for about 400$ new, or 200$ used on e-bay or such. I would suggest renting, unless you plan to use this pump for more than a month. I didnt need to.

Infact, I bought a 67$ manual Medela Harmony breast pump, which comes with two BPA free plastic milk bottles, the breast mold and handheld pump, with a nice book on instructions and tips to breastfeedind and proper storage of breast milk. The only problem was, if you push on the moldable breast mold instead of the hard plastic clamps it comes with the mold very quickly warps and doesnt make a proper suction around the breast anymore. I returned mine for a new product (even though they clearly state they will not return this product once opened, if it is defective or breaks right away they will excahnge it at Toys-r-us). I have since been using the manual hand pump, I pump about twice a day and this product works fine for me. I have noticed that the manual pump can be attached to an electronic motorized attachment which was about 125$ at Toys-r-us.

I would highly recommend the hand held manual Medela breast pump for occasional use, if pumping more than 3 times a day, I recommend the electronic breast pump from Medela.

Written by Smriti on October 5th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Magic Jack free phone service

Who doesn’t like the idea of free phonecalls right any body does so when I found out about the MagicJack I was more then just interested.

Let me explain for less the 40 dollars you buy the start kit that gives you a year long free calls in the USA and Canada after a year it will cost you less then 20 dollars to renew for another year. The starting kit contains a USB box with a place to hook up a normal telephone. When you now put the MagicJack in your USB port of a PC or Mac then the MagicJack will start a program and you are ready to start calling like you normally do.

Yes it is easy and they even give you a free phone nr so that people can call you on the MagicJack to. I my case this prevented me from getting a home phone line and for the last 4 months I am using MagicJack and it works fine for me.

But I use it a bit different to next to normal calls I also use it to make and electronic ordering system make calls to our computer system and that doesn’t allways work but after a couple of retries i normally get it working. And by the way MagicJack states on there website that fax and modem traffic will not work so I didn’t expect it to work.

In those 4 months of using MagicJack only 1 mayor problem came up and that was that a phone nr that I use on a daily basis didn’t work any more. So then you need to try to contact MagicJack they don’t have a phone support what is a bit strange for a phone company. But they offer websupport chats.

The Chat person was very well informed about how things work and pinpointed my problem and was able to get it fixed over night. OK this kind of support is not ideal but I guess that is where they save on money and if the help the offer is good then why complain about it.

Then there is international calling. You can buy international calling credit and with that you can call to other countries then Canada or the USA. I use it to call Europe and then ends up to be 2 cents a minute. In the beginning calling international worked great. But then they changed there longdistance provider and now the call quality is bad sometimes and that means that recalling needs to be done on a regular basis.

So what did it think of MagicJack so far.

I like MagicJack a lot it is cheap and it works for my phone needs the biggest disadvantage is that you need to turn you computer on to make a phonecall.

The Tech support is good to although phone support would be nicer.

For now MagicJack is the way to go for me it works easier then skype or other voip systems because you can just use a normal phone to call your friends.

Way to go MagicJack

Written by George on September 30th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Linksys WRT160N Ultra N Router

Linksys WRT160N router review

My latest computer came with a Wireless N network adapter so that meant that to get good use out of that that it was time to replace the router.

I found a good deal on the Linksys WRT160N router and because Linksys is part of Cisco I expected a great product.

Let me tell you how this all went.

When you unpack the router you find a great looking product nice and shiny black with no external antenna. It comes with a CD that you need to run to get things going (that is what they say).

I started my Mac book pro in Windows XP mode and disabled my old wireless conection (software included only works on Windows).

Got the CD in my drive and it started and start telling me to connect the wires and when to turn on the router.

Then it started looking for the router and after a while it gave me a message that it could not find the WRT160N and that I probably didn’t get the cable connected the right way. The funny part was that when i opend my internet browser the internet worked so the cable was connected the way it should. I tried again but again no luck :(

The 3e try i did on my old Compaq laptop and there the whole processes worked. It asked me all kind of question like router password, the name you would like to give id (SID) and the security password for people that want to connect. After that was all done it tells you a little story that you can press the button on the front at the time you laptop is connecting to the router for an easy connection. I tried that No luck.

So now I should be ready to run. The first victim i tried to connect was my Mac still in windows mode. It sees the Linksys Router but it can make a connection it keeps saying limited or no connection availible. Then i tried my Palm and No luck there at all it does not even find the Linksys WRT160N Router. Then I tried that connect the compaq wireless but also there no connections availible.

After that I decided to check out the router settings. You can do this by connection your router with a wire (should work wireless to) and surf to there it askes for you username that would be “admin” and the password you gave it when installing.

Then you can find a lot of settings with a lousy help. I found settings that I didn’t know what they meant and guess what they didn’t get even talked about in the online help.

After fideling with the security settings I was finally able to get my Mac in Mac mode to connect to the Linksys but then the real problem started. It would keep connection for 5 minutes and then the bars started dropping with the result that the connection failed at the end and would not want to reconect any more. Often it would not even see the router any more after that.

A cold boot of the router by unplugging it would make it work again for a couple of minutes but that was the best i got it to work.

My conconclusion is that the product i got is probably one of the few that is not working the way it should but will i get a new one?

No I will not this one gets back and I will look for something a little more user friendly and more up to the job.

Written by George on August 30th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Gillette Fusion Power vs Mach 3 Turbo

Gillette Fusion Power and the Gillette mach 3 turbo

The Friendly people from Gillette send me an email about a coupon for 10 dollars discount for a Gillette Fusion Razor (just go to the Gillette website for the coupon) so I found a store that sold them for less then 10 dollars and so now I own one of those Razors with a battery in it.

I am fairly new with shaving wet but the last weeks I was using a  Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor and that did a pretty ok job.

And now with the new Fusion things should be better so lets test it.

The big difference between the Mach 3 Turbo and the Fusion is the amount of blades the Mach 3 has 3 and the Fusion has 5.

I really wondered how the Fusion Power would work and this morning i gave myself a nice shave. Normally i get ok smooth but there I always feel rough but today with the Fusion Power I can say that i am Smooth smoother then i have bin for a long while.

I guess the conclusion should be that the Fusion Power works better then the old Mach 3 Turbo i have to say Good Job Gillette. Now I am on the lookout for a good deal on a normal fusion so that i can compare that to because do I really need to have a battery in my manual razor?

Written by George on August 11th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Clipon Ball Point Pen

Studio ball point pens with carabiner clip

If like me you travel around a lot for work and are always looking for a pen to write with then maybe go have a look at the Dollarama dollar stores there they sometimes sell a pack of 3 pens that you can easily clip on for instance your buckle loop. They are a great deal you get 3 pens for just a dollar.

The pens write great and don’t leak. There is one week spot on them and that is the black line on the pen where the part come together. Till now one of my pens broke loose on that spot with the result that the parts fly everywhere.

So if you are looking for a small and easy pen that can travel around with you then go have a look at the Studio pens from Dollarama.

Written by George on July 27th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Airworks 10″ table Fan

airworks 10

Summer is here and let’s hope it stays a little bit longer but by having said that it also means that warmer weather is here to and that means hot and clamp rooms.

So looking for a cheap fan to get some air moving in the house I found this one for less the 10 dollars at Canadian Tire.

The Airworks fan looks nice and white maybe not as sleek as the expensive brands but that doesn’t matter to me. The Table Fan from Airworks looks strong and the blades are from see through plastic to make it even nicer to look at.

3 Speeds are to your disposal and al 3 don’t make to much noise and that is a definit plus for me.

Often I use this fan in my window to move some fresh cold air in to my place and for that purpose it works great. The soft feet keep the fan in place and also make it more silent in it’s operations.

If you are looking for a fan that doesn’t cost you to much then i would say go see if you can find a Airworks 10″ table fan.

Written by George on July 9th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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