Ikea Helmer

Helmer a storage cabinet from Ikea

I needed some storage and was looking for a nice solution for a price that was ok to.

At Ikea we found this storage cabinet called Helmer, it cost 49 dollars here in Canada and for what it offers an good price.

Like most products at Ikea also this one needs to be put together by the buyer. Everything is packed in a nice and small box and of course this is much better for the environment then shipping it as a complete piece of furniture.

Let me tell you a bit about what I thought about building Helmer. I can say that I have a fair bit of experience building Ikea furniture so I though that it should be easy. The instructions say that i just need a screw driver but that was not enough.

Most of the main structure is easy to click together but then there are the bottom part where you can assemble the wheels on. The instructions stated that you should press it in till it clicks but that didn’t happen. Maybe I am to light but i don’t think a couple of extra meals would have helped. I ended up getting a piece of wood (to prevent me from damaging the metal) and a hammer and that made it easy.

Putting together the drawers looks a bit scary because you need to bend the metal yourself and here you need to pay attention because there is only one right way of doing it. after the bending it is easy.

I am using my Helmer now for a couple of weeks and it perfectly fits my needs. It is strong and sturdy and a perfect addition to our home.

Written by George on February 21st, 2008 with comments disabled.
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Get your own gravatar by visiting gravatar.com krissy
#1. May 23rd, 2008, at 7:56 AM.

Thanks so much for this! I was putting one together tonight and could not get it to work. I knew the problem was the legs weren’t going in far enough or the back wasn’t tall enough. The fact that it didn’t “click” concerned me, too. I pushed on them so hard I was afraid I would break them. Then, I read your review and used a piece of wood and a hammer and it worked and it all came together! Thanks so much! I was going to return it.

Get your own gravatar by visiting gravatar.com Andre
#2. September 21st, 2008, at 4:39 PM.

I too have assembled several pieces of Ikea furniture before attempting the Helmer (HELL-MORE?). Let me first say that I work construction and I thought this would be a straightforward task. The base took some muscle (a hammer) to get it in. After getting the slider-frames to click in one problem remains… wondering why the drawers aren’t recessed (they all stick out).

My wife and I put the back panel on the front and front on the back wondering if to slide the drawers in from the opposite side will make a difference. But then the back will not clip into place with the bendable tabs.

We’re going to go back to Ikea and inspect the display model to double check to see if the drawers are meant to stick out or if they are recessed as one would expect.

HELLMORE isn’t an item that I’d recommend. Buy another filing cabinet elsewhere. And if you are elderly DO NOT get it because it takes force to get the items into place.