Moose McGuire’s, Calgary

Moose mcguires close to the foothills hospital and Mcman Stadium

Moose McGuires is a nice looking pub with some pool tables and lots and lots of TVs to watch sports on. The ambiance at Mooses is nice with high tables and low tables but the music is a bit loud so not a great place to go if you want to have a great conversation.

This Pub is easy to find it is just two block down from McMahon Stadium at a little strip mall next to highway 1 where there is also a “The Keg” and a “Wendy’s” there address is 1941 Uxbridge Dr NW.

In summer this place is extra nice when the outside patio is open and you can enjoy the sun and nice weather of Calgary.

In general the service at Moose McGuire’s is great the girls that serve you take good care and normally you don’t have to ask for anything.

The Menu is nice and has some great option on it like the GIANT Nachos and don’t even try to eat that on you own.

At my last visit I got myself fish and chips and they weren’t bad although they seem to have more bather then fish :) but it tasted great. I could not finish my portion so i asked it to go and because my tarter sauce was served in a small plastic (one time use) cup i asked if they could give me the tarted sauce to and they did but not in the cup the sauce just ended up loose in the box making the food in to a big mess and as a result big parts of it needed to be thrown out because of the mess.

In general Mooses is a nice place to go. At lunch time the place can be packed but don’t worry your order still comes quick and you will be taken care of.

Written by George on May 18th, 2008 with comments disabled.
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